Capture the Depth of your Moments


December 2017

As we move into 2018 thoughts of the passage of time come to us: In the infinite expanse of time  moments unfold into nothingness  Keeping them folded, explore the depths  By focusing on flowing in this one This moment that... Continue Reading →

Bask in the light The rays of hope They hold me tight

My thoughts, they tend to wander But circle back, to points of wonder  Where silence was wide awake and Soothing, gently took our hand  And reminded us where we stand  In the scheme of things in pestilence  Of how Turbulence... Continue Reading →

Feel the rays of grace embrace you tight Engulf your being in radiant light

#SeekTheLight Around every turn #SeekTheLight Despite every churn #SeekTheLight in circles seek spirals of light  In every moment  When hope is tight #seekthelight 

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