Capture the Depth of your Moments



Even when the skies are not that clear I have no fear of what is far and what is near

We fade away, into oblivion Today, we live another day What will be remembered – what will stay ? What remains we cannot say.   We fly away, we fade, into fate Who will remember? What will stay? What will they... Continue Reading →

Let not the wayward shards of pent up angst deliver you fear peer not into those sunken dark holes of the cap donned eyes as Kanazawa Sensei said, look only into one of the snake's eyes not letting it overwhelm... Continue Reading →

horizons unfold with glamorous flame in this glory no one is to blame for reticent hypocrisies abounding in fame the type for which no one lays a claim

As we feel comfort in witnessing the beauty of the sunset:

The ocean of light sits on an ocean at night The ocean of thought sits in reflection of what waves of thought bring each day where understanding is wrought  


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