Let not the wayward shards of pent up angst deliver you fear
peer not into those sunken dark holes of the cap donned eyes

as Kanazawa Sensei said, look only into one of the snake’s eyes
not letting it overwhelm you, otherwise you are the frog looking at the snake

Break the shards in half with one age uke, break the gaze of hate with
one well placed not even showing up to the place of conflict

Thus the warrior chooses his own battleground as Sun Tzu directs
Train more train constantly train slightly gently hard

Years of training evaporate as adrenal urgency elevates breathing
as if you had never trained never a budoka as if you never knew ki

Never knew to weave silk out of qi … now the wake up call back
to the drawing board bro, oss and lan ja ei, unsu and kanku dai, look at the sky.